Thursday, April 20, 2006


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Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I am in Hyderabad !!

Dear all..

Welcome back to my blog.. I am back to Hyderabad to my dad's place. It was a long drive from Warangal to Hyderabad. I did enjoy the car ride which is very first time and new to me. I enjoyed the outside world first time. Everything looked new to me. But I was glad that I would be with my dad and grand parents from now onwards.

Those who does not know about Hyderabad, The capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad is the fifth largest city in India with an ancient civilisation and culture. Attached to the city is its twin , Secunderbad, which is part of Hyderabad. The twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderbad are separated by the Husain Sagar, an artificial lake constructed during the time of Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah Wali in 1562 A.D. To know more details about Hyderabad, check or

Unlike Warangal, Hyderabad's weather is colder that Warangals and I am enjoying Hyderabad's chilling weather. Though I was not feeling before I started to Hyderabad, I was feeling better once I reached Hyderabad just becoz of better weather.

More Later...
Samanyu- The Powerful Beginning

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Thanks to everyone who attended my Naming & Cradle ceremony. I was not feeling well in the morning. But by evening I was bit comfortble and started playing. It was a colorful ceremony for me where there were many women dressed in vibrant indian colors, flashing cameras , lights etc. I had enjoyed the ceremony till the end of it. After that I started crying. Around 300 + people turned up for the event. Surprise guests were Emilie and Julien( French Nationals, My Dad's friends) who came to India to do internship at Reddy Labs. I have posted my cradle ceremony photographs at

Many of my uncles, grand parents and my dad friends blessed me and people liked my Name Samanyu :) Many were asking about the meaning of my name. Whenever someone asks the meaning of my name, I feel happy to have a unique name. Over all it was a great evening and I enjoyed every moment of it looking at new people, colors and camere flash lights. I will be travelling back to Hyderabad this week and I will be missing my Warangal grand parents. I am glad that I would be with my dad and grand parents once I go back to Hyderabad. And also I am looking forward for a Oil Massage by my Dad who is good at into :). I will post you more Once I go back to Hyderabad.

With Regards- Your Lovlingly
Samanyu- The Powerful Beginnning

Tuesday, November 08, 2005


My Naming Ceremony Invitation !!

You are cardially invited to my Naming and Cradle ceremony celebrations dinner at Hotel Ashoka, 6-1-242, Main Road, HanamKonda on 13th November, 2005(Sunday) from 6.15 PM onwards.

You Can see the invitation card at

Plan out your travel to Hanamkonda in the morning so that you can see some historical places in Hanamkonda. Hanamkonda city is historical place and was once the heartland of Telugu culture. The capital of the Kakatiya rulers, Hanamkonda today contains some of the best forms of architecture, especially temples. The 1000-pillar temple and the Ramappa temple in the district are glowing examples of the exquisite architecture patronized by the Kakatiyas. To know more about Warangal/Hanamkonda visit

See you all at my naming ceremony dinner...

Yours Lovingly
Samanyu- The Powerful Beginning

Monday, October 31, 2005


Small Poem by my parents ;)

Small Poem by my parents ;) (They Have not written it)

A New Beginning!
One moment you smile, bringing us the best of the world
One moment you cry, making us deeply hurt.

You play and the whole world seems to play with us
You get cranky and people around sound so very noisy.

Your every mood brings in hundreds of shades into our lives.You
gave us a whole new reason to live, a reason to feel happy.

Samanyu, it’s not just your new beginning
It’s a new beginning for us too..

Ur mom n dad!!!


Happy Diwali !!! from Samanyu

I am back again with Diwali Wishes after a long gap. I wish all of you and your families a Happy and propsperous Diwali. Diwali is celebrated across India as The festival that marks the end of ignorance and beginning of knowledge that enlightens all. The whole India looks resplendent on Diwali as people light up diyas and candles to mark the 'Festival of Lights'. To know more about Diwali checkout the link . Now I am almost 73 days old now, I am drawing conclusions about the world around me. I am responding to my face in the mirror by smiling. I love looking at myself in the mirror. I am becoming more animated and engaging — flashing smiles, oohing, and cooing. I can hear the richness of human interactions. I am still at Warangal and I was waiting for my dad to come to see me from Hyderabad. But he has not turned up due to some other engagements and weather conditions. My hearty condolances to the people died in the Delta Express Train accident and Delhi Bomb Blast which happened. I will be moving back to Hyderabad on 15th December and looking forward to meet my dad, grand-mother and grand-father. As its Diwali, there was so much of noize around the home where I am staying and I get disturbed with the noize generated by the Fire Crackers.

Thanks to all the people who signed my guestbook and Do not forget to visit and sign my guestbook at

Yours Lovingly
Samanyu- The Powerful Beginning

Thursday, October 13, 2005


Vijaya Dashami Celebrations !!

I wish all of you a Happy Vijaya Dashami. Vijayadashmi, also known as Dusserah, is celebrated in India on the tenth day, which follows nine days of Durga Pooja, in October. The Tenth day of the bright half of the lunar month of Aashwayuja. To know more about Vijaya Dashami check . Currently I am with my Grand Parents at Warangal along with my mother. My dad visited my place from Hyderabad for this festival. Today there were so many visitors to see me as its a festival day and my uncle Satyapal was leaving for US today. It was bit exciting and also tiring to know new people. Sometimes I am puzzled to remember their faces. I wore a new frock today ;) as i wanted to look like a baby girl. Will post the photographs soon to the website. My dad's friends Mr& Mrs Bhaskar Teegela visted me and gifted a beautiful dress and a cap. Thanks to them for the Dasserah Gift.

Thanks for signing my guestbook. Already I got 19 comments for my website. My Love to all of you whoover signed the guestbook. Please keep visiting the website for more updates.

Yours Lovingly
Samanyu- The Powerful Beginning

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Me and my nick names after 6 weeks

I prefer to sleep all day long and keep myself and my mother awake in the night as long as possible, and you know, I 'm really good in that, cause I manage to give them a maximum of four hours sleep only in the morning hours if the Sun is already comming up. After breakfast, I start my daytime sleep, so I'm fit for the next night. I'm feeling nearly home in this big big world, slowly I adjust to that daylight, nightdark changing and sometimes, I manage to get awake only one time or two times per night. I met a lot of people already including my relatives and my dad's friends.

I'm 6 weeks old now and , my size is 60 cm and my weight is 4.8 kgs. I got lot of nick names within 6 weeks. My Aunt calls me "Chinnu", My grandmother calls me "Bangaru"(gold) My Grand father calls me "Sai" .. Sometimes I am called "Chinna..Sweetu..Kanna...Nanna"..My dad's friend Rajwant calls me SAM(anyu) ;). But for me, I would like to be called as Samanyu..

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